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"Lay me down" is a song by British singer-songwriter Sam Smith. Loneliness appears when others do not understand you.

The feeling of love is a feeling shared by people all over the world. It's no exaggeration to say that most of the songs with lyrics are related to love. The feeling of love is one of the most important feelings that everyone is interested in. I wonder if the first start of the feeling of love begins with loneliness. This time, I selected music related to loneliness.

Love Makes You Lonelier (Neha Kakkar & Tony Kakkar - Bheegi Bheegi)

Where does loneliness begin? Is it a feeling that is felt from sadness and limitation? Bollywood song "Bheegi Bheegi" is a song that really shows the sadness of being in love. Seeing love that doesn't come true seems to make people more lonely and forlorn.

broken heart Because there is love, the absence of love makes a person more lonely
broken heart Wouldn't it be the most lonely when love doesn't come true?

When you always feel lonely and hard (Paul Kim - Tonight)

It's a song called "Tonight" by Paul Kim. Paul Kim is a singer who gained popularity after appearing on the Korean survival program "The Great Birth". The song "Tonight" expressed a person's lonely feelings well. Sounds like a comforting song to all lonely people.

autumn loneliness Is it lonely because it's hard? Is it difficult because you are lonely?
autumn loneliness "I just believe that tomorrow will be alright" - from tonight's lyrics

Loneliness makes you depend on someone

The song "猛独が襲う" was written and composed by 一二三. What is unusual is that the song is not sung by a person, but by an AI. The point is that 初音ミク is not a human being, but a speech synthesis software developed by a company called Yamaha of Japan. It wouldn't hurt to listen to how comforting a song related to loneliness sang by AI can be.

city loneliness Humans are social animals, so they need a place to turn.
city loneliness "Even if the support disappears, a hidden connection" - from tonight's lyrics

When I need someone to understand me (Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely)

The song is called "Lonely" by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco. Justin Bieber is a very famous singer all over the world. In fact, Justin Bieber said he felt lonely a lot after becoming a superstar from a young age. Maybe that's why the song and lyrics seem to express loneliness better.

stage loneliness Loneliness exists despite the attention of many people
stage loneliness Being gorgeous doesn't mean you aren't lonely

Loneliness is not special (OrelSan - SI SEUL)

"Si seul" is a song done in French. People are fine, but one day they suddenly feel lonely. "Si seul" is a song that expresses the sudden loneliness well.

special loneliness The road of loneliness where I lost my way
special loneliness loneliness is not special

The night makes me lonely

This is the song "Lonely Night" by เป๊ก ผลิตโชค. This song expresses a lonely night in a modern and intense way. In a society where everyone is connected to the Internet, why are people so accustomed to loneliness? Why don't you listen to "Lonely Night" and sympathize with loneliness and reduce loneliness a little bit?

night loneliness Night makes people more emotional
night loneliness At night I don't think the morning will come

Relative Loneliness on Christmas Day (Mabel - Loneliest Time Of Year)

This is Mabel's song "Loneliest Time of Year." December 25th is Christmas. It gets even more lonely on days when there is a big event like Christmas. It seems that everyone is getting lonely because it's a happy Christmas. "Loneliest Time of Year" reminds me of Christmas more because it's a song with carol bells.

christmas loneliness I'm especially lonely on special days
christmas loneliness There is no day more special than the person you are

Loneliness has no reason (Lauv - Modern Loneliness)

"Modern Loneliness" This song expresses the loneliness of modern society. The modern society we live in is the easiest time to connect with anyone. The development of transportation and the development of the Internet have made it possible to connect with anyone if desired, but the loneliness we feel has not disappeared. "Modern Loneliness" is a song that raises questions about loneliness in society.

modern loneliness People try to talk about happiness and avoid loneliness
modern loneliness The more precious things, the greater the loneliness

"Oh Love, Have Mercy, On Me" (Imagine Dragon - Lonely)

People look to God when they are afraid and in trouble. Pray to God and hope to have mercy on yourself. In the song "Lonely" by Imagine Dragons, they hope for mercy in "love" to overcome extreme loneliness.

need mercy "Oh Love, Have Mercy, On Me"
need mercy I know the reason for joy, but I don't know the reason for loneliness.

I want to fall in love (Kim Jo-han - I want to fall in love)

We know that people all over the world feel the feeling of loneliness. It can be a great help to meet someone you love when you want to rely on others in times of loneliness and hard times. The song "I want to fall in love" is a song that expresses the feeling of love when you are tired of loneliness. Love cannot be an unconditional answer to loneliness, but being in love is always a happy thing.

need love The more you are lonely, the more you want love, but the more you want love, the further away you are from love.
need love "I want to fall in love" - I want to fall in love lyrics


I hope everyone who suffers from loneliness listens to music related to loneliness and overcomes loneliness a little bit. I hope you don't feel lonely after listening to the song and sympathize with the song and become a little bit of strength. In the next article, we will select a song with the theme of "falling in love".

Treat Heart Hurt, Loneliness Music

No Title Artist
1 Bheegi Bheegi Neha Kakkar & Tony Kakkar
2 오늘 밤 폴킴
3 猛独が襲う 初音ミク
4 Lonely Justin Bieber & benny blanco
5 SI SEUL OrelSan
6 Lonely Night เป๊ก ผลิตโชค
7 Loneliest Time Of Year Mabel
8 Modern Loneliness Lauv
9 Lonely Imagine Dragons
10 사랑에 빠지고 싶다 김조한
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