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This is EZUZ's song "Twerk it". EZUZ's song "Twerk it" is famous for its challenge video on TikTok. It's the best song to show cute twerking rather than sexy twerking.

The most attractive singer in Korea

I think the style that can best show a man's charm is a suit fashion.

Let's find out about the most attractive male singers in Korea. Feeling attractive can be felt in many ways. However, I think the charm of singers lies in their image and dance. There are many attractive singers in Korea, but I only selected 10 here.

Youngrok Jeon, a charming man representing the 1980s (Youngrok Jeon - It must still be a dark night)

Jeon Yeong-rok is a singer who first debuted as an actor. He made his debut as a singer by singing the OST of a drama, and gained great popularity as a singer by making numerous hits in the 1980s. When I watch the videos of Jeon Yeong-rok singing, it is impressive to see so many women singing along. Jeon Yeong-rok, who has gained a lot of popularity as an actor and singer, is one of Korea's most attractive singers, called the originator of Korean idols.

A song to get to know Jeon Young-rok better

  • Jeon Yeong-rok - My Love Crybaby
  • Jeon Yeong-rok - Love
  • Jeon Yeong-rok - Beg

Park Jin-young, a singer with the most attractive dance line in Korea (Park Jin-young - Groove Back)

Park Jin-young is a representative Korean dance singer who debuted in 1994. Park Jin-young is one of the most influential figures in the Korean music industry. Park Jin-young is active not only as a singer, but also as the CEO of JYP, one of Korea's three major entertainment companies. JYP is an agency that has produced numerous top stars in Korea. Park Jin-young's style of dance and music that stands out with his own personality made him a representative singer of Korea. In particular, Park Jin-young's dancing skills are quite outstanding.

A song that makes you know more about Park Jin-young

  • Park Jinyoung - Don't leave me
  • Jinyoung Park - Honey
  • Park Jin-young - Who is your mother?

Dance singer Jang Woo-hyuk (Jang Woo-hyuk - The Sun That Doesn't Set)

Woohyuk Jang is a singer who debuted with HOT, one of the most successful idol groups in Korea. Jang Woo-hyuk has made his name known by winning various dance competitions since high school. Debuting as a solo artist in 2005, he gained considerable popularity by releasing music that could show his dancing skills.

A song to get to know Jang Woo-hyuk better

  • Woohyuk Jang - ECHO
  • Woohyuk Jang - Weekend night
  • Woohyuk Jang - The Day Time Stopped

Singer Rain who can dance the sexiest among men (Rain - how to avoid the sun)

Rain is a South Korean singer who debuted in 1998. Rain is a singer who received training from the JYP agency mentioned above. Before debuting as a singer, Rain was active as a dancer and boasts considerable dancing skills. If Tom Cruise's sunglasses were popular in Top Gun, Rain made sunglasses popular as "a way to avoid the sun." Rain is one of Korea's most attractive singers, gaining a lot of popularity not only as a singer but also as an actor.

A song that makes you know better about rain

  • Rain - A song to catch you
  • Rain - Hip Song
  • Rain - It's Raining

Se7en, a singer who dances with passion (Se7en - PASSION)

Se7en is a Korean singer who debuted in 2003. Se7en is a singer who was considered to be a rival to Rain mentioned above. He gained a lot of popularity not only for his considerable dancing skills, but also for his singing skills. If rain made sunglasses fashionable, Seven made heelless shoes with wheels behind them.

A song that makes you know more about Se7en

  • Seven - Come back to me
  • Seven - I'M GOING CRAZY
  • Seven - WHEN I CAN'T SING


So far, we have looked at the male singers representing Korea. In addition to the singers mentioned above, there are many attractive singers in Korea. You may have noticed that Korean singers appeal to their charms in various ways, not just through music. You can see that Korean singers are especially good at dancing and the image they show. In the next article, we will look at 10 attractive male singers in Korea.

The most attractive male singer in Korea

No Artist
1 전영록
2 박진영
3 장우혁
5 세븐
6 유노윤호
7 태양
8 태민
9 박재범
10 송민호
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