Struggling to find music?

This questionnaire was created to help you quickly and easily discover more music.

The survey contents will be used by CASUMARE, the company that created Bucket Stage, to improve app services, market research, and user analysis, and will not be used for any other purpose.

The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete.

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* 1. What is your age?
* 2. What country do you currently live in?
* 3. What genre of music do you listen to most often?
* 4. How many hours a day do you listen to music?
* 5. What time do you usually listen to music
Please select up to 2 most listened to times
* 6. Approximately how much do you spend on music in a year?
Concerts, album purchases, streaming subscriptions, etc.
* 7. What is the most important factor in choosing and listening to music?
Please select up to three
* 8. To what extent do lyrics play a role in choosing music?
* 9. Where do you usually find your favorite music?
Please select up to three
* 10. How much time do you spend discovering new music?
* 11. What has been your most satisfying music discovery activity?
* 12. How many playlists do you currently manage?
* 13. Do you often listen to playlists uploaded by others?
* 14. How satisfied are you with the playlists uploaded by others?
* 15. If you find music you like while listening to playlists uploaded by others, do you add it to your own?
* 16. Are you interested in foreign music?
* 17. How do you get news or information about foreign music?
* 18. Do you often share music with friends, family or acquaintances?
* 19. What's the hardest thing about discovering music?
Please select up to three
* 20. Which music do you love more and listen to longer and more often?
* 21. Have you tried Bucket Stage?
Bucket Stage is a social network service (SNS) specializing in music. It is currently available for download or use on the web (, App Store, and Play Store. .
22. How satisfied are you with the Bucket Stage?
23. What is the problem with the Bucket Stage?
Please select up to three
24. How likely are you to recommend Bucket Stage to a friend or colleague?
25. Leave your feedback (what features you need, how to improve, how to communicate, etc.) to make Bucket Stage an easier and more versatile music sharing space for users.

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