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This is Korean singer Enfant. When you're in love, everything seems sweet. The song "I must have fallen in love" is a song with sweet lyrics and sweet vocals, just like the sweetness of being in love.

In the previous article, we looked at music related to loneliness. This time, let's change the mood and look at songs related to love. How do you feel when you fall in love? It's hard to find a feeling as exciting and sweet as falling in love.

Falling in love makes my heart complicated (Jang Beom-jun - I fell in love)

Is there anyone you fell in love with at first sight? Beomjun Jang's song "I fell in love" is about a woman who fell in love at first sight. Beomjun Jang is the vocalist of the Korean band Busker Busker. Jang Beom-Jun is a singer who has created numerous songs related to love.

complex love Will the person I love love me too?
complex love Can I make a confession?

I came to love my friend (Standing Egg - From Friends to Lovers)

Friends are always by your side. When you spend time together for a long time, you learn a lot about your friends. You will think of your friends more, and the time with them will make you happy. There is a difference between friendship and love, but it seems that there is no difference.

friend love friendship and love
friend love i love my dear friend

I fell in love at first sight (Mosawo - Kirakira)

In Japan, there is a song with lyrics about a love story at first sight. This is a song called "Kirakira" sung by Mosawa. Mosawa is a Japanese singer-songwriter.もさを is a singer who has created numerous songs related to love like Beomjun Jang.

destiny love Is love at first sight fate?
destiny love Since the first time I saw it, my heart is pounding

I want to deny being in love (дора — втюрилась)

"втюрилась" is a song by дора that means falling in love. It's hard to accept love that came suddenly. дора's charming voice is an impressive song.

confusion love Is it love or dopamine and adrenaline
confusion love are you in love

I want to do everything for the person I love (İkiye On Kala - Bütün İstanbul Biliyo)

İkiye On Kala is a Turkish singer-songwriter. The song "Bütün İstanbul Biliyo" expresses feelings for a woman in love. When you fall in love with one person, everything about that person seems pretty. I even worry that everyone will think that way.

istanbul love If you love, you are ready to sacrifice everything
istanbul love The feeling of love is risky

What does love look like (ECLAT - Bentuk Cinta)

"Bentuk Cinta" is a Malaysian song that means the shape of love. There are many types of love, such as parental love, children's love, and friend's love. Our greatest concern is what love for a lover looks like.

love shape Does love look like sweet cotton candy?
love shape Does love look like a cute bunny?

No one knows who they will fall in love with (Atif Aslam - ajnabi)

The feeling of love may come up slowly, but the feeling of love can also arise from a stranger you suddenly met. Atif Aslam is one of Pakistan's greatest singers. I made a song with the title "Ajnabi" which means a stranger. In the music video for "Ajnabi", one of Pakistan's top actresses, Mahira Khan, starred as a stranger in the spotlight.

unfamiliar love Falling in love with one person out of millions
unfamiliar love At some point, I'm drunk in love like I'm drunk

Is it time to confess your growing love? (Official髭男dism - I LOVE…)

If you are in love, you should confess to your lover that you are in love. Love is thrilling, but confession is so trembling and difficult. Official髭男dism's song "I Love..." is a Japanese song that expresses hesitation in confessing love. The lyrics are so fun and sympathetic to the song.

love heart Love it. Love it
love heart I write to myself that I love you

What's it like to fall in love (Omar Chaparro - Las Locuras Mías ft Joey Montana)

There are times when you confess your love passionately. Mexican singer Omar Chaparro's song "Las Locuras Mías" is a song about actively confessing to the opposite sex. "Las Locuras Mías" is a song that makes you feel good just by listening to it.

rose love There are many ways to convey love
rose love Communicate the same meaning as a single rose

Will the person I love love me too?

Because there is no guarantee that love will always succeed, you may be hesitant to confess.想知道你在想什麼 is a song that well expressed the fear of confessing to someone you love. Because if the other person doesn't accept the confession, you may never see the person you love again.

hope love I am afraid because the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment.
hope love The downside of the emotion of love is too much excitement


In the end, if you don't get the courage to confess, it will develop into unrequited love. Unrequited love is a love only for oneself that the other person does not know. Next, let's look at songs related to unrequited love.

A good song to listen to when you're in love

No Title Artist
1 사랑에 빠졌죠 장범준
2 친구에서 연인 스탠딩 에그
3 Kirakira Mosawo
4 втюрилась дора
5 Bütün İstanbul Biliyo İkiye On Kala
6 Bentuk Cinta ECLAT
7 ajnabi Atif Aslam
8 I LOVE… Official髭男dism
9 Las Locuras Mías ft Joey Montana Omar Chaparro
10 想知道你在想什麼 周興哲
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