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This is Yiruma's song "Kiss The Rain" that goes well with coffee, which has a sweet and bitter taste. It's a beautiful song with a piano sound that goes well with a leisurely cup of coffee.

Jazz is usually the best music to listen to while drinking coffee. This is because jazz gives people a comfortable feeling through various instruments. And the sound of the instruments used in jazz also has the function of changing the space into a luxurious atmosphere. There are usually many people who visit cafes to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax. But it's not just jazz that has that ability. I've selected some good music to listen to while drinking coffee, including jazz.

New York Coffee (Norah Jones - Don't Know Why)

This is Norah Jones' representative song "Don't Know Why". Most of Norah Jones' songs have a comfortable feel. Enjoying a cup of coffee while listening to Norah Jones gives you the feeling of enjoying a coffee in the middle of New York.

New York New York
New York Brooklyn Bridge New York Brooklyn Bridge
new york times square new york times square

Seoul Autumn Coffee (Jannabi - Thoughts on an Autumn Night)

Jannabi is one of Korea's representative indie bands. Jannabi's vocalist Choi Jeong-hoon's voice has a charming voice that allows you to feel the comfortable sensibility of Korea. If you drink coffee while listening to Jannabi's song "Thoughts on an Autumn Night," you can feel the autumn mood of Korea.

seoul street seoul street
Seoul Changdeokgung Palace Seoul Changdeokgung Palace
Seoul Cheonggyecheon Seoul Cheonggyecheon

Tokyo City Coffee

Another genre of music that can change the mood as much as jazz is city pop. Takako Mamiya's "Love Trip" is a song that lets you enjoy a cup of coffee and a Japanese atmosphere. It seems like a song that goes well with a cup of coffee and the scenery of fluttering cherry blossoms.

Tokyo Shibuya street Tokyo Shibuya street
tokyo sakura tokyo sakura
tokyo shopping street tokyo shopping street

The Coffee Mumbai (Arijit Singh - Atak Gaya)

One of India's greatest singers, Arijit Singh's song "Atak Gaya" is also one of the songs that go well with coffee. Drinking coffee with the sweet voice of Arijit Singh will help you find a cup of leisure in the busy Mumbai.

Mumbai Maharashtra Mumbai Maharashtra
Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal
Mumbai Railway Mumbai Railway

Morning Coffee Hanoi (Chillies ft. Châu Bùi - Sunkissed)

It's a song that can start the morning refreshingly. "Sunkissed" is a song by Vietnamese singer Chillies. It's good music to listen to when you start your day with a morning cup of morning coffee at home to start your day pleasantly.

Hanoi Rail Hanoi Rail
Vietnam Hanoi Vietnam Hanoi
Hanoi Cafe Hanoi Cafe

Seaside Coffee Cozumel (Matisse - Por Si Te Lo Preguntas)

If you enjoy coffee by the beach, "Por Si Te Lo Preguntas" is probably the best choice. I think it's a song for coffee enjoyed by the sea with cheerful but not excessive music.

mexican cozumel coffee mexican cozumel coffee
mexico cozumel beach mexico cozumel beach
mexico cozumel road mexico cozumel road

Nature and Coffee (NAAGII - Saran)

NAAGII's song "Saran" is a song in the Mongolian language. Mongolia seems to have a lot of uniquely sweet songs. In particular, the song "Saran" seems to make the taste of coffee even sweeter.

Chinggis Khan statue Chinggis Khan statue
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Ulaanbaatar nature and peopleUlaanbaatar nature and people

City, Cafe, and Coffee

If the word cafe is included in the title of the music, more meaning can be given to coffee. This is the song "在青春迷失的咖啡館" that gives more meaning to a cup of coffee.

Taiwan Cafe Taiwan Cafe
Taipei 101 Taipei 101
Taiwan on a rainy day Taiwan on a rainy day

Coffee with long wait (كارول سماحة - مغرومة بمين)

The song "مغرومة بمين" written in Arabic is impressive with sweet female vocals. I don't understand Arabic, but I think the sweet voice will make the atmosphere of drinking coffee more antique.

Beirut Retail Shop Beirut Retail Shop
beirut stairs beirut stairs
lebanon beirut lebanon beirut

Romance and Coffee (Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose)

French songs (chansons), a country of romance and art, cannot be left out of classical music. This is the music "La Vie En Rose" where you can feel a cup of coffee leisurely under the Eiffel Tower.

Pont Alexandre III Bridge Pont Alexandre III Bridge
paris cafe paris cafe
paris eiffel tower paris eiffel tower


We have selected 10 songs that you can enjoy while drinking coffee. Most of the songs were sweet voices and soft music. Most of the themes of sweet music are related to love. Next, let's look at music related to love.

Music that can add flavor to coffee

No Title Artist
1 Don't know why Norah Jones
2 가을밤에 든 생각 잔나비
3 Love Trip 間宮貴子
4 Atak Gaya Arijit Singh
5 Sunkissed Chillies
6 Por Si Te Lo Preguntas Matisse
7 Saran NAAGII
8 在青春迷失的咖啡館 王心凌
9 مغرومة بمين كارول سماحة
10 La Vie En Rose Edith Piaf
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