Do you have any problems promoting your music?

This questionnaire was created to address the challenges of getting your music to reach an audience.

The survey contents will be used by CASUMARE, the company that created Bucket Stage, to improve app services, market research, and user analysis, and will not be used for any other purpose.

The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete.

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* 1. What is your age?
* 2. Which country are you active in?
* 3. What job do you do?
* 4. Please briefly describe your job
ex) vocalist, marketer, electric guitarist, classical piano player, DJ, etc.
* 5. What genre of music do you play?
* 6. How many albums have you released so far?
* 7. How long have you been playing music?
* 8. Are you currently doing other things alongside your music career?
* 9. What is your type of musical activity?
* 10. Are you currently promoting music?
* 11. Which channel are you using to promote your music?
Please select up to three
* 12. Which channel were you most satisfied with the way you promoted?
* 13. How satisfied are you with your promotion?
* 14. How many hours a day do you spend promoting music?
* 15. What challenges do you have with promoting music?
Please select up to three
* 16. What do you want to achieve with your PR efforts?
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* 17. How much are you willing to spend on promotions per month?
* 18. Are you planning to promote your music abroad?
* 19. What is the hardest part about promoting your music abroad?
* 20. Do you often interact with your fans?
21. Is there anything you would like to improve about promoting your music?
* 22. Have you tried Bucket Stage?
Bucket Stage is a social network service (SNS) specializing in music. It is currently available for download or use on the web (, App Store, and Play Store. .
23. How satisfied are you with the Bucket Stage?
24. What is the problem with the Bucket Stage?
Please select up to three
25. How likely are you to recommend Bucket Stage to a friend or colleague?
26. Leave your feedback (what features you need, how to improve, how to communicate, etc.) to make Bucket Stage an easier and more versatile music sharing space for users.

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