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Korean singer Shin Hae-cheol's song "To You" is a representative song used for many cheerleading in Korea.

Overwhelming cheering (Queen - We will rock you)

"We will, we will rock you"

There's always music to go along with the matches you play. It is the song “We will rock you” by Queen. You can overwhelm your opponent through powerful beats. “We will Rock you” is a great song to cheer on because it's easy for everyone to sing along. Like this kind of music, each country has music to cheer for the team. Let's find out.

The championship cup is ours! (VEGEDREAM - RAMENEZ LA COUPE A LA MAISON)

"Ramenez la coupe a la maison"

They sing “VEGEDREAM - RAMENEZ LA COUPE A LA MAISON” to cheer football in France. “RAMENEZ LA COUPE A LA MAISON” means to return with a cup. It is a song of victory that brought not only the World Cup but also various soccer championships to their country. Can France, the most anticipated nation in the 2022 World Cup, deliver another trophy?

The moment of victory! (椎名林檎 - NIPPON)

"Cheers! cheers!"

Japan is a country of animation, so there are many things to see and do with various cosplayers and supporters. “NIPPON” is an English pronunciation of Japan. Japan shouts NIPPON NIPPON even when they actually cheer for soccer. “椎名林檎 - NIPPON” is an impressive song with powerful electric guitar and drum sounds suitable for a cheering song. At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, they advanced to the round of 16 by defeating Germany and Spain.

Blessings of Victory! (Lazybone - Go West)

"Show everyone your best pride"

Since 2002, various soccer cheering songs have been hit in Korea. Among them, “Go West” is the most used cheering song not only in actual stadiums but also in various places. It includes 5 claps and a cheering method of shouting “Hankook”, so it can be said to be a standard cheering song in Korea. In 2022, South Korea miraculously advanced to the round of 16 by beating Portugal.

Victory belongs to all! (Pitbull - Ole Ola)

"Ole ole ole ola"

Brazil sings “Ole Ola”, the theme song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Brazil's cheering song can be summed up in two words. One is “Ole” and the other is “Samba”. Brazil, the origin of samba football, is a country that is ranked 1st in FIFA rankings as of 2022. One of the strongest favorites for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Let's go on the road to victory! (David Carreira x Seleção - Vamos com Tudo ft. Ludmilla, Giulia Be & Preto Show)

"O nosso caminho é seguir em frente"

Portugal is home to world-class soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Portugal is a team with great players, but unfortunately, it is a country that has yet to win a World Cup. “Vamos com Tudo” is a song sung by David Carreira. David Carreira is a singer who used to play for the youth soccer team. The song “Vamos com Tudo” is a song about love for football.

A cry for victory! (Nered feat. Zapresic Boyz - Srce Vatreno)

"Iz daleka kao jeka tebi nose me povici"

Croatia is the second-placed country in the 2018 World Cup. The title “Srce Vatreno” means a burning heart. It's a song with passion that matches the title. It is a song that can be sung while cheering enough at the stadium. It is a song that Croatia's game is more anticipated in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Victory Time (MC Devil - DEVILTIME)

"That this is the team you can't touch"

This time, it's a Belgian football song nicknamed the Red Devil. Belgium is a country that maintains the first place in the FIFA rankings, but recently lost first place to Brazil, occupying the second place in the FIFA rankings. The song “DevilTime” fits well as it is a soccer team nicknamed the Red Devils.

For sweet victory! (Hamid Bouchnak - Allez Allez Maroc)

"Allez Allez Allez"

Finally, the Moroccan football song “Allez” means to continue. “Allez Allez Maroc” is a song to support Morocco. The word “Allez” was first used in cheering in Belgium, but is common in many countries. Later, “Allez” was replaced by the Spanish word “ole” and became a word often used in cheer songs. It's a great song to use for a cheer song because it goes on with the words "Allez Allez."

Music for the Cheering!

No Title Artist
1 We will rock you Queen
3 NIPPON 椎名林檎
4 Go West Lazybone
5 Ole Ola Pitbull
6 Vamos com Tudo David Carreira x Seleção ft. Ludmilla, Giulia Be & Preto Show
7 Srce Vatreno Nered feat. Zapresic Boyz
9 Allez Allez Maroc Hamid Bouchnak
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