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Jang Yeon-joo is a South Korean singer. "Leisure" is a song about women professing their love to men, but it's a song that men like more than women.

In the previous article, we looked at music related to "unrequited love". In order to have a relationship with the person you love, you must confess your love. There are many ways to confess your love. Let's look at songs related to confessions that express the feeling of love.

My smile, my happiness all start with you. (Amaal Mallik Palak - KAUN TUJHE)

What to say to someone you love to confess that you love them. "KAUN TUJHE" is a song that expresses how much you love your partner. It's a song that talks about love that makes you crazy if you can't see it even for a day.

smile love I smile when I think of you
smile love I want to laugh every day

I will make you like me

When is the best time to confess? There is no optimal confession timing. But people seem to confess when their love is about to explode. In the song "我多喜欢你,你会知道" by Wang So-hwan, it is a song that expresses the feeling of love that is about to explode.

time love I'm so happy every minute and every second I'm with you
time love Why is the time waiting for you so long

I like you so much, I love you so much (FUNKY MONKEY BABYS - 告白)

This is the Japanese song "告白". "告白" is a song that expresses the feelings of love and fear of being rejected well before confessing to the person you love. This is a song about a shy person's pure confession.

rose love i like it i like it
rose love i love you, i love you

Kiss me if you love me (Enrico Nigiotti - Baciami adesso)

"Baciami adesso" is a song sung by Enrico Nigiotti. "Baciami adesso" is a different confession method from "告白". If "告白" is a shy love confession, "Baciami adesso" seems to be a little more active and romantic love confession.

kiss love how to make love, kiss
kiss love A kiss is the end of a love confession

I'm so nervous because I love you so much (MeloMance - Drunk Confession)

The best way to be brave and confess your love to someone you love. But if confessing is too nerve-wracking, there are also ways to confess your love over a glass of wine. "Drunken Confession" sung by Korean singer Melomance contains the contents of confessing love to the person you love after drinking.

wine love a glass of wine
wine love I'm so excited because I love you so much

Can't you confess your love first? (MYMP - Say You Love Me)

There are people who confess, but there are people who wait. "Say You Love Me" tells the story of someone who progressed from friendship to love. This song is about waiting for a friend to confess their love to you.

wait love Waiting for a confession of love is so uptight
wait love Please confess your love quickly. I'm ready to accept it.

Hearing an answer is more nerve-wracking than confessing love (Ali Gatie - What If I Told You That I Love You)

Having confessed your love, it remains only to hear the answer. If you confess your love, the words you want to hear the most will be I love you too. Ali Gatie's song "What If I Told You That I Love You" is about wanting to hear an answer to a love confession.

answer love If I say I love you, please answer "Yes".
answer love Will her heart be the same as mine?

Let me love you (Erin - Anna mun rakastaa)

Erin is a singer from Finland. "Anna mun rakastaa" is a song that means to let me love you. This is an impressive song with Erin's charming voice and lyrics.

love I promise you love
love let me love you

I will only love you (Pietro Basile feat. Sarah Engels – Ich liebe nur dich)

If you succeed in confessing your love, love for each other begins. "Ich liebe nur Dich" means "I'll only love you". "Ich liebe nur Dich" is a song sung by Italian male singer Pietro Basile and female singer Sarah Engels. I think it became a more lovely song because we sang together.

promise love Love is sure proof that promises can be kept
promise love The promise of love cannot be made alone

If you want to start falling in love, confess your love (Kim Beom-soo - Love begins with confession)

Even if you are afraid to confess, you have to confess in order to start loving. Korean singer Kim Bum-soo's song "Love Begins with Confession" contains the meaning that in order to start love, you must first confess your love. Confess to your loved one today.

flower love There is no better gift than flowers to confess your love
flower love Let the flower of love bloom


So far, we have looked at songs related to "confession of love". Next time, let's look at Christmas songs you can listen to with your loved one. A special day can be made even more special if you spend it with your loved ones.

Songs that can help those preparing to confess their love

No Title Artist
1 Amaal Mallik Palak KAUN TUJHE
2 我多喜欢你,你会知道 王俊琪
4 Baciami adesso Enrico Nigiotti
5 취중고백 멜로망스
6 Say You Love Me MYMP
7 What If I Told You That I Love You Ali Gatie
8 Anna mun rakastaa Erin
9 Ich liebe nur dich Pietro Basile feat. Sarah Engels
10 사랑의 시작은 고백에서부터 김범수
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