The song for when you're in unrequited love - [Love series] (3)


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贺仙人 is a Chinese singer. The strong beat of "我爱你" is a song that makes your heart beat more.

In the previous article, we looked at music related to "falling in love." Are you unable to confess to the person you love? If there's a reason why you couldn't confess or couldn't confess, it must be unrequited love. I don't think there's anything more heartbreaking and heartbreaking than unrequited love. This time, let's look at songs related to unrequited love.

I write that I love you in a notebook (Xamdam Sobirov - Maktabimda)

The feeling of unrequited love arises through chance. Xamdam Sobirov is an Uzbek singer. This is a song about how feelings for someone you met in an accidental place turn into love.

note love I can't say I love you so I write it down in my notebook
note love What should I write that I love you

Born Happiness (Aimer - Katao Moi)

Unrequited love isn't always heartbreaking. Japanese singer Aimer's song "Katao Moi" expresses the excitement of unrequited love. A person who is in unrequited love makes my heart flutter whenever I think about it.

happy love happy to love
happy love A love that is as sweet as it is sweet

I just want to be with you (Peachy!, Mxmtoon - Falling For You)

There are many reasons why you fall in love. One of them is because the person you fall in love with is your best friend. There are cases in which, after confessing, you end up falling in love without being able to confess for fear of being awkward with your best friend. Peachy!'s song "Falling For U" is a song that expresses the feeling of falling in love with a close friend.

surprise love I suddenly felt the feeling of being in love
surprise love I'm afraid to convey my feelings

I can't confess because of the other person's cold reaction (10cm - unrequited love)

Even if the person you love is cold to you, you may not be able to confess your love. There is a feeling before confessing. The song "Unrequited Love" by the Korean indie band 10cm is a song about wanting the other person to love you.

cold love I don't change despite the cold reaction
cold love Will spring come after a cold winter?

Don't Give Me Hope (Tiara Andini - Merasa Indah)

If the person you love is good to you, you may think that they like you too. However, there may be moments when it becomes my illusion. The song "Merasa Indah" has the meaning of a beautiful feeling. Paradoxically, it is a song that captures the moment when a beautiful feeling turns into disappointment and sadness.

hope love Hope you feel the same way
hope love Disappointment as great as hope

One-sided love (Srishti Bhandari - Ek Tarfa Pyar)

One of the most heartbreaking cases of unrequited love is when the person you love is in love with someone else. It gets even more complicated when the person you crush on is your friend. The song "Ek Tarfa Pyar" by Srishti Bhandari is about the complexities of unrequited love.

road love Love only goes one way
road love Why are my roads winding?

Can I Be Him (James Arthur - Can I Be Him)

"Can I Be Him" is a song by English singer-songwriter James Arthur. The song "Can I Be Him" is about a crush who loves someone other than themselves. If the object of that unrequited love is you, you have the confidence to love the other person more than anyone else.

cloud love She looks up at the sky, but she doesn't look at me
cloud love Could I be the cloud next to the sun

Love makes people stupid. (Jão - Idiota)

A person can become a fool when feelings of love become too great. Even if people around me warn me that love is wrong, the feeling of love does not disappear easily. Jão's song "Idiota" is about heartbreaking stupid love.

idiot love I love you stupidly
idiot love Because I don't like complicated things

Can unrequited love come true (Lee Hi - My Love)

Lee Hi is a South Korean singer. He gained popularity after winning an award on a survival TV show. "My Love" is a song about love with a sweet voice. Does love start from fate?

long love my tangled heart
long love Can I just watch from afar

Unrequited love leaves regret (张靓颖 - 暗恋)

Zhang Qiang's song, 暗恋, is a song about regretting not being able to confess to the person you love.

regret love My only love left with only regrets
regret love I regret it as much as I like it


So far, we have looked at songs from many countries related to unrequited love. Unrequited love can only leave regrets as it gets older. Why don't you express your feelings to the person you love? Next, let's look at songs that can help you confess your feelings to your loved ones.

A song that can resonate with people who have a crush on you

No Title Artist
1 Maktabimda Xamdam Sobirov
2 カタオモイ Aimer
3 Falling For You Peachy!, Mxmtoon
4 짝사랑 10cm
5 Merasa Indah Tiara Andini
6 Ek Tarfa Pyar Srishti Bhandari
7 Can I Be Him James Arthur
8 Idiota Jão
9 My Love 이하이
10 暗恋 张靓颖
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