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This is the OST song "Gonna Fly now" from the movie "Rocky". Champions are all those who try, not those who win. So I chose Rocky's OST because it suits the champion the best.

Passion of Champions (Bellini - Samba De Janeiro)

"Sempre assim"

Brazil is one of the best footballing countries in the world. It is also the country of various soccer stars from soccer emperor Pele to Neymar. Brazilian football is sometimes called "samba football". Bellini's "Samba De Janeiro" is a familiar song that I always hear on soccer game days in Brazil.

Soccer Champions (The Fans - Ole Ole Ole)

"We are the champions"

This song is "ole ole ole" from "The Fans". The word "Ole" first comes from the Belgian musical "Allez". Since the word "Ole" is used so much in football cheering, I wonder if it would have been a fitting word for a football winner.

Stand Up Champions! (Superfly - Tamashie Revolution)

"突っ㵰るのさ go to the future"

The third song is Superfly's "tamashirevolution". Although the song does not contain the word Champion, it is a song that feels the fighting spirit of a champion. This is a Japanese song fit for a champion.

Cheerful Champion! (Psy - Champion)

"Everybody's Festival"

The fourth song is Psy's "Champion". Psy's song "Champion", famous for "Gangnam Style", is famous in Korea as a song for champions. It's an exciting song that everyone who welcomes the champion can enjoy together.

We are all champions (Khaled x Rodge - CHAMPIONS)


The fifth song is "CHAMPIONS", a song by Khaled and Rodge. This song emphasized that we are all champions. All national team players who put in countless efforts to prepare for the World Cup held once every four years are champions. "Champions" and "Ole" are well harmonized Arabic-style music.

Queen - We are the champion

"Cause we are the champions of the world"

Finally, "We are the champion" by Queen. I recommended Queen's music as suitable music to cheer on the team. This time, I will recommend Queen's music. Queen's song "We are the champion" is a song about champions that everyone in the world will know. I wonder if all the teams who enjoyed the World Cup together are champions.

song for champions

No Title Artist
1 Samba De Janeiro Bellini
2 Ole Ole Ole(The Name Of The Game) The Fans
3 タマシイレボリューション Superfly
4 Champion Psy
5 C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S Khaled x Rodge
6 We are the champion Queen
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