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This is Hwasa's song "Maria". Hwasa is one of the most attractive female singers in Korea. He is also one of the most popular singers in Korea right now. "Maria" is Hwasa's most popular song.

Korea's most attractive singer

There are so many karaoke rooms in Korea. The price is not too expensive, so Koreans often go to karaoke.

Music and dance are indispensable elements of Korean entertainment culture. There are many "karaoke rooms" on the streets of Korea. After class, students often go to "karaoke rooms" with their friends to sing. At school festivals, I often cover Korean idol dances with my friends. The reason why many attractive singers appear in Korea seems to have a lot of influence on Korea's entertainment culture.

Son Dam-bi with attractive disco music (Son Dam-bi - Saturday Night)

Son Dam-bi is a singer who debuted in 2007 with "Cry Eye". Son Dam-bi's representative song is "Crazy". The choreography using a chair gained so much popularity that Koreans would have done it at least once. Currently, he is mainly active as an actor rather than a singer. Son Dam-bi won the Rookie Award at the 2019 "KBS Drama Awards".

A song that makes you know more about Son Dam-bi

  • Son Dam Bi - Crazy
  • Son Dam-bi - Amoled
  • Dam Bi Son - Queen

Dance, fashion, music, style are all attractive HyunA

Hyuna is a singer who debuted as a solo artist in 2010 after working with Wonder Girls and 4minute. Hyuna's "Trouble Maker" is a sexy choreography with men that has been covered in numerous performances. Hyuna not only has excellent dancing skills, but is also a singer with her own style and fashion. In addition, while showing a dignified image, it holds a lot of popularity not only with men but also with women. He was also chosen as the sexiest celebrity in Korea by Playboy magazine.

A song that helps you get to know HyunA better

  • HyunA - Red
  • HyunA - Change
  • HyunA - Nabilera

Sunmi's charm that can't be overlooked once you see it (Sunmi - Gashina)

Sunmi is a singer who debuted with Wonder Girls in 2007. Unlike other singers, Sunmi has a soft charm rather than a strong charm. Sunmi has an image showing an intense image in a gentle dance. Sunmi has a unique voice that allows her to sing more attractive songs.

A song to get to know Sunmi better

  • Sunmi - Full Moon
  • Sunmi - Heart Burn
  • Sunmi - Heroine

Singer HYOLYN (HYOLYN - Layin' Low) with the charm of a powerful vocal

HYOLYN is a singer who debuted in 2010 with Secret. HYOLYN has excellent singing and dancing skills. Personally, if I were to choose a singer who resembles Beyoncé the most in Korea, I would choose HYOLYN. HYOLYN's music, which resembles Beyoncé but contains HYOLYN's own personality, has a different charm from Beyoncé's.

A song to get to know HYOLYN better

  • HYOLYN - Dally

Indelible charm BIBI (BIBI - BINU)

BIBI is a singer who debuted in 2019. He started gaining popularity after winning runner-up on a Korean music program called "The Fan". Like existing attractive singers, he is showing his own unique voice and style. I think he is a singer with a high possibility of being selected as the most attractive singer representing Korea. Besides, BIBI is still active, so I think they are singers with a lot of potential to grow more than now.

A song that makes you know more about BIBI

  • BIBI - BIBI Vengeance
  • BIBI - Boss Gambling should be for fun
  • BIBI - Affair


So far, we have looked into the most attractive female singers representing Korea. If you look into KPOP's attractive singers, you'll find out that most of them are good at dancing. In the next article, we will look at the choreography that Koreans loved the most. KPOP idol dances are also included.

The most attractive female singer in Korea

No Artist
1 김완선
2 엄정화
3 이효리
4 채연
5 가인
6 손담비
7 현아
8 선미
9 효린
10 비비
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