Korea national team football(soccer) fan chant


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This is the song "We Are The One" by Psy, a Korean singer famous for "Gangnam Style". Psy is a passionate singer representing Korea. "We are the one", a cheer song created by Psy for Korea, is one of the most passionate cheer songs.

Korean soccer cheering culture

The 2002 World Cup is the most important event in Korea's soccer history. As we advanced to the semifinals in 2002, Korea's cheering culture began to blossom.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Korea. Especially after the World Cup held in Korea and Japan in 2002, soccer became more popular. Korea performed a miracle in the 2002 World Cup, reaching the semifinals. Because it was the World Cup held in Korea at the time, more people cheered together. They made unforgettable memories for Koreans by cheering together not only in the stadium but also on the street. Due to this, soccer cheering has become a culture.

Red Devils - Supporters of Korean football

Source: reddevil.korea

In Korea, there is a supporter called "Red Devil" to support soccer. The name Red Devils came from the Korean national team wearing red uniforms. Now, let's look at 10 representative songs that support Korea. It will be more fun if you listen to the music and watch a soccer game in Korea.

Lazybone - Our Strength (Go West)

Lazybone is one of the Korean punk rock bands. It is also a song that came out with "Korea mate mate mate mate" that people who are even a little interested in Korean football may have heard at least once. In Korea, if you shout "Korea" out loud, you may see a strange sight where people around you clap five times. It is a popular cheering song that appears at least once in a Korean soccer game.

YB - Oh! Pilseung Korea

YB is a rock band representing Korea. YB is a singer who always attends important events in Korea. Oh Pilseung Korea is a song sung by the Red Devils not only in music but also in actual stadiums.

Buzz - Reds, Go Together

Reds Go Together is Korea's official cheering song used at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. This song received a lot of attention in 2002, when Korea advanced to the semifinals and was the most interested in the World Cup. Buzz is one of the most popular rock bands in Korea in the early 2000's.

Transfiction - To Win

"For Victory" is a song by Transfiction released in 2006. Transfiction is one of Korea's indie bands. Personally, I think it is a song that represents Korea's soccer cheering song. This is because the rock sound full of passion and the lyrics for victory are the best cheering songs. It is also a song often sung by the Red Devils in the arena.

Big Bang, Transfiction, Yuna Kim - Shouts of Victory

This song was released for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. This is a song sung by BIGBANG, Korea's most popular hip-hop idol group, and Transfiction, who made Korea's best cheering song in 2006. Here, figure skater Kim Yu-na, one of Korea's top sports stars, helped feature.

Dohyun Yoon - Hotter, Korea

For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, "More Hotter, Korea," sung by YB Band's vocalist Yoon Do-hyun, was made the official cheering song. In the middle of the song, the voice of Yoo Sang-chul, one of the heroes of Korean soccer, was restored by AI and delivered a message to the players.

Korean soccer cheering song

No Title Artist
1 Go West 레이지본
2 오! 필승 코리아 YB
3 Reds, Go Together 버즈
4 승리를 위하여 트랜스픽션
5 승리의 함성 빅뱅, 트랜스픽션, 김연아
6 더 뜨겁게, 한국 윤도현
7 아리랑 한국 전통 민요
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