The most famous KPOP male group in 2023


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P1HARMONY is the fifth boy group of FNC Entertainment. 'JUMP' is a song from the album 'Harmony: All in' and was selected as the last journey of the P1HARMONY 'Harmony' series.

Korean male group singers have been loved not only in Korea but also in many countries, starting with 'H.O.T' in the 1990s. The KPOP Men's Group has achieved outstanding results in various ways, including music and visuals, as well as outstanding choreography. In this article, we will look at the KPOP male group, which is currently the most popular.

1) BTS(방탄소년단)

BTS is a KPOP group of 7 people.

BTS information:

  • Debut : 2013
  • Member : 정국(Jung Kook), 슈가(Suga), 진(Jin), 뷔(V), RM, 지민(Ji Min), 제이홉(J-Hope)
  • Agency : BIGHIT MUSIC
  • What is the BTS member who resembles me most?
  • The world's famous BTS is one of the most beloved male idol groups in Korea. BTS is a group with a variety of awards as well as the No. 1 Billboard single chart. BTS's popular songs include Dynamite and Butter. The songs that have gained considerable popularity in Korea are hard with the man. The robot showed a dancing and a good dance.

    BTS's famous music

    No Title Artist
    1 Butter BTS
    2 Dynamite BTS
    3 작은 것들을 위한 시 BTS
    BTS member image
    정국(Jung Kook) 정국(Jung Kook)
    슈가(Suga) 슈가(Suga)
    진(Jin) 진(Jin)
    뷔(V) 뷔(V)
    RM RM
    지민(Ji Min) 지민(Ji Min)
    제이홉(J-Hope) 제이홉(J-Hope)

    2) SEVENTEEN(세븐틴)

    SEVENTEEN is a KPOP group of 13 people.

    Seventeen Information:

    • Debut : 2015
    • Member : 에스쿱스(S.Coups), 정한(Jeonh Han), 조슈아(Joshua), 준(Jun), 호시(Hoshi), 원우(Won Woo), 우지(Woozi), 도겸(DK), 민규(Min Gyu), 디에잇(The8), 승관(Seung Kwan), 버논(Vernon), 디노(Dino)
    • Agency : PLEDIS(HYBE)
  • What is the seventeen member who resembles me most?
  • Seventeen is a Korean idol group consisting of 13 people. Seventeen's popular song doesn't want to cry, HOT is. Among the members of Seventeen, Seung -gwan, Do -gyeom, and Hoshi are also active in their own team. Bush Soon's popular songs have been gaining popularity with Korea's popular rapper Lee Young -ji.

    Seventeen's famous music

    No Title Artist
    3 Rock with you SEVENTEEN
    Seventeen member image
    에스쿱스(S.Coups) 에스쿱스(S.Coups)
    정한(Jeong Han) 정한(Jeong Han)
    조슈아(Joshua) 조슈아(Joshua)
    준(Jun) 준(Jun)
    호시(Hoshi) 호시(Hoshi)
    원우(Won Woo) 원우(Won Woo)
    우지(Woozi) 우지(Woozi)
    도겸(DK) 도겸(DK)
    민규(Min Gyu) 민규(Min Gyu)
    디에잇(The8) 디에잇(The8)
    승관(Seung Kwan) 승관(Seung Kwan)
    버논(Vernon) 버논(Vernon)
    디노(Dino) 디노(Dino)

    3) Stray Kids(스트레이키즈)

    Stray Kids
    STRAY KIDS is a KPOP group of 8 people.

    Stray Kids Information:

    • Debut : 2015
    • Member : 리노(Lee Know), 아이엔(I.N), 현진(Hyun Jin), 승민(Seung Min), 한(Han), 방찬(Bang Chan), 필릭스(Felix), 창빈(Chang Bin)
    • Agency : JYP
  • What is the Stray Kids member who resembles me most?
  • Stray Kids is an idol group consisting of eight members. Typical songs include sounders, new menus, and case 143. It is a group that shows intense choreography.

    STRAY KIDS's famous music

    No Title Artist
    1 MANIAC Stray Kids
    2 CASE 143 Stray Kids
    3 ITEM Stray Kids
    STRAY KIDS Member Image
    리노(Lee Know) 리노(Lee Know)
    아이엔(I.N) 아이엔(I.N)
    현진(Hyun Jin) 현진(Hyun Jin)
    승민(Seung Min) 승민(Seung Min)
    한(Han) 한(Han)
    방찬(Bang Chan) 방찬(Bang Chan)
    필릭스(Felix) 필릭스(Felix)
    창빈(Chang Bin) 창빈(Chang Bin)

    4) NCT Dream

    NCT Dream
    NCT Dream is a KPOP group consisting of 7 of the NCT members.

    NCT Dream Information:

    • Debut : 2016
    • Member : 마크(Mark), 런쥔(Renjun), 제노(Jeno), 해찬(Hae Chan), 재민(Jae Min), 천러(Chenle), 지성(Ji Sung)
    • Agency : SM Entertainment
  • What is the NCT Dream member who resembles me most?
  • NCT Dream is a group of seven people. NCT Dream is a sub group in NCT group. NCT is a multinational group of 20 people. The NCT is divided into groups such as NCT 127, NCT Dojae, NCT Dream, and Wayv. NCT is a group that allows you to see a variety of charms through a large number of people.

    NCT Dream's famous music

    No Title Artist
    1 Candy NCT Dream
    2 맛 (Hot Sauce) NCT Dream
    3 오르골(Life is Still Going on) NCT Dream
    NCT Dream member image
    마크(Mark) 마크(Mark)
    런쥔(Renjun) 런쥔(Renjun)
    제노(Jeno) 제노(Jeno)
    해찬(Hae Chan) 해찬(Hae Chan)
    재민(Jae Min) 재민(Jae Min)
    천러(Chenle) 천러(Chenle)
    지성(Ji Sung) 지성(Ji Sung)

    5) Tomorrow x Together(투모로우바이투게더)

    Tomorrow x Together
    TOMOP TOGETHER is a KPOP group consisting of 5 members.

    Tomorrow X Together Information:

    • Debut : 2019
    • Member : 수빈(Soo Bin), 범규(Beom Gyu), 휴닝카이(Hue Ning Kai), 태현(Tae Hyun), 연준(Yeon Jun)
    • Agency : HYBE
  • What is the member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER?
  • Tomorrow Bai Together is a group of 5 people. His representative songs include you and I and I and I and I found in the sky of 5:53, and Good Boy Gone Bad. Currently, I am active through a song called SUGAR RUSH RIDE.

    TOMORROW X TOGETHER's famous music

    No Title Artist
    1 PS5 Tomorrow x Together
    2 Blue Hour Tomorrow x Together
    3 LO$ER=LO♡ER Tomorrow x Together
    수빈(Soo Bin) 수빈(Soo Bin)
    범규(Beom Gyu) 범규(Beom Gyu)
    휴닝카이(Hue Ning Kai) 휴닝카이(Hue Ning Kai)
    태현(Tae Hyun) 태현(Tae Hyun)
    연준(Yeon Jun) 연준(Yeon Jun)

    6) TREASURE(트레저)

    Treasure is a KPOP group consisting of 10 members.

    Treasure Information:

    • Debut : 2020
    • Member : 하루토(Haruto), 도영(Do Young), 소정환(So Jung Hwan), 박정우(Park Jeong Woo), 최현석(Choi Hyun Suk), 윤재혁(Yoon Jae Hyuk), 준규(Jun Kyu), 아사히(Asahi), 지훈(Ji Hoon), 요시(Yoshi)
    • Agency : YG Entertainment
  • What is the Treasure member who resembles me most?
  • Treasure is a male group of 10 people. Popular songs include straight, I love you, and Darari. Currently, I am active through a song called Hello.

    Treasure's famous music

    No Title Artist
    3 I Love You TREASURE
    Treasure member image
    하루토(Haruto) 하루토(Haruto)
    도영(Do Young) 도영(Do Young)
    소정환(So Jung Hwan) 소정환(So Jung Hwan)
    박정우(Park Jeong Woo) 박정우(Park Jeong Woo)
    최현석(Choi Hyun Suk) 최현석(Choi Hyun Suk)
    윤재혁(Yoon Jae Hyuk) 윤재혁(Yoon Jae Hyuk)
    준규(Jun Kyu) 준규(Jun Kyu)
    아사히(Asahi) 아사히(Asahi)
    지훈(Ji Hoon) 지훈(Ji Hoon)
    요시(Yoshi) 요시(Yoshi)

    7) MONSTA X(몬스타엑스)

    MONSTA X is a KPOP group consisting of 6 members.

    MONSTA X Information:

    • Debut : 2015
    • Member : 민혁(Min Hyuk), 형원(Hyung Won), 기현(Ki Hyun), 아이엠(I.M), 주헌(Joo Honey), 셔누(Shownu)
    • Agency : STARSHIP
  • What is MONSTA X members who resemble me most?
  • Monsta X is a group of six people. The representative song is beautiful, you need you, Rush Hour. Currently, we are active through Beautiful Liar.

    MONSTA X famous music

    No Title Artist
    1 Beautiful Liar MONSTA X
    MONSTA X Member Image
    민혁(Min Hyuk) 민혁(Min Hyuk)
    형원(Hyung Won) 형원(Hyung Won)
    기현(Ki Hyun) 기현(Ki Hyun)
    아이엠(I.M) 아이엠(I.M)
    주헌(Joo Honey) 주헌(Joo Honey)
    셔누(Shownu) 셔누(Shownu)

    8) ATEEZ(에이티즈)

    ATEEZ is a KPOP group consisting of eight members.

    Ateez Information:

    • Debut : 2018
    • Member : 성화(Seong Hwa), 홍중(Hong Joong), 윤호(Yun Ho), 여상(Yeo Sang), 산(San), 민기(Min Gi), 우영(Woo Young), 종호(Jong Ho)
    • Agency : STARSHIP
  • What is the most like me?
  • ATIS is a male group consisting of eight people. Representatives include Deja Vu, Wonderland, and Answer. Currently, Halazia is released and continues to be active.

    ATEEZ's famous music

    No Title Artist
    3 Answer ATEEZ
    ATEEZ Member Image
    성화(Seong Hwa) 성화(Seong Hwa)
    홍중(Hong Joong) 홍중(Hong Joong)
    윤호(Yun Ho) 윤호(Yun Ho)
    여상(Yeo Sang) 여상(Yeo Sang)
    산(San) 산(San)
    민기(Min Gi) 민기(Min Gi)
    우영(Woo Young) 우영(Woo Young)
    종호(Jong Ho) 종호(Jong Ho)

    9) ASTRO(아스트로)

    ASTRO is a KPOP group consisting of 5 members.

    Astro Information:

    • Debut : 2016
    • Member : MJ, 진진(Jin Jin), 차은우(Cha Eun Woo), 문빈(Moon Bin), 윤산하(San Ha)
    • Agency : fantagio
  • What is the most like me?
  • ATIS is a male group consisting of eight people. Representatives include Deja Vu, Wonderland, and Answer. Currently, Halazia is released and continues to be active.

    ASTRO's famous music

    No Title Artist
    1 Blue Flame ASTRO
    2 Candy Sugar Pop ASTRO
    3 너잖아(Always You) ASTRO
    ASTRO member image
    MJ MJ
    진진(Jin Jin) 진진(Jin Jin)
    차은우(Cha Eun Woo) 차은우(Cha Eun Woo)
    문빈(Moon Bin) 문빈(Moon Bin)
    윤산하(San Ha) 윤산하(San Ha)

    10) THE BOYZ(더보이즈)

    The Boyz is a KPOP group consisting of 11 members.

    The Boyz Information:

    • Debut : 2017
    • Member : 상연(Sang Yeon), 제이콥(Jacob), 영훈(Young Hoon), 현재(Hyun Jae), 주연(Ju Yeon), 케빈(Kevin), 뉴(NEW), 큐(Q), 주학년(Ju Hak Nyeon), 선우(Sun Woo), 에릭(Eric)
    • Agency : 1st Entertainment
  • What is the Boyz member who resembles me most?
  • The Boys is a group of 11 people. The Boys' songs include Roar, No Air, and Whisper. Recently, we have released a song called players. Players show a soft image by changing in the intense image that he showed earlier.

    The Boyz's famous music

    No Title Artist
    1 No Air THE BOYZ
    2 The Stealer THE BOYZ
    3 Thrill Ride THE BOYZ
    The Boyz member image
    상연(Sang Yeon) 상연(Sang Yeon)
    제이콥(Jacob) 제이콥(Jacob)
    영훈(Young Hoon) 영훈(Young Hoon)
    현재(Hyun Jae) 현재(Hyun Jae)
    주연(Ju Yeon) 주연(Ju Yeon)
    케빈(Kevin) 케빈(Kevin)
    뉴(NEW) 뉴(NEW)
    큐(Q) 큐(Q)
    주학년(Ju Hak Nyeon) 주학년(Ju Hak Nyeon)
    선우(Sun Woo) 선우(Sun Woo)
    에릭(Eric) 에릭(Eric)

    So far, we have learned about the 10 most famous men's groups in Korea. In addition to the group mentioned above, there are various KPOP male groups in Korea. If you are interested in the KPOP group, please pay more attention to TOPSTAGEMUSIC.

    The most popular KPOP male group

    No Artist
    1 BTS(방탄소년단)
    2 SEVENTEEN(세븐틴)
    3 Stray Kids(스트레이키즈)
    4 NCT Dream
    5 Tomorrow x Together(투모로우바이투게더)
    6 TREASURE(트레저)
    7 MONSTA X(몬스타X)
    8 ATEEZ(에이티즈)
    9 ASTRO(아스트로)
    10 THE BOYZ(더보이즈)
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