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This is Louis Armstrong's song 'What a Wonderful World' released in 1967. 'What a Wonderful World' was not very popular at the time of its release, but is now one of the best music.

Louis Armstrong's song 'What a Wonderful World' is a music that sings the beauty of the world. 'What a Wonderful World', which sang the beauty of the world, was used in various films or advertising media. However, it is a paradoxical song that is not the beauty of the world. In dramas and movies, music is used in various ways to add fun to the story. In the world, we will look at what kind of music you used in the world.

1) RRR OST - Naatu Naatu

About Movie

  • Director : S. S. Rajamouli
  • Country : 🇮🇳 India
  • Released date : 2022.03.25

Indian movies and music can never be divided. Indian films are famous for being produced with outstanding music. Among them, NAATU NAATU is one of the world's most popular music. The song of Naatu Naatu is a song inserted in the Indian movie RRR. The RRR received the Oscar Award for not only the content but also the artistry. RRR is a film set in the Indian Empire in the 1920s. NAATU means traditional Indian dance. This is a song that comes out with the dance battle of men in the movie. Not only addictive dance and music, but also artistry is recognized.


No Title Artist
1 Komuram Bheemudo Song Kaala Bhairava
2 Dosti Amit Trivedi
3 AMBAR SE TODA Raag Patel

2) 도깨비 (Goblin) OST - 첫눈처럼 너에게 가겠다

About Drama

  • Director : 김은숙(Kim Eun Sook)
  • Country : 🇰🇷 Korea
  • Released date : 2016.12.02

Korean dramas also have a lot of ties with music. It is a song inserted into a Korean drama ghost that will go to you like the first snow. Goblin is one of the monsters that are conveyed in Korean tales. The goblin is recognized as a scary being in Korea because of the image of a monster, but the drama Goblin reinterprets the goblin as the guardian. Ailey is a singer who has a variety of masterpieces in Korea. The impressive story of the goblin is well expressed in music and became one of the representative songs of Airlie.

Goblin OST

No Title Artist
1 Stay With Me 찬열(CHANYEOL), 펀치(Punch)
2 Beautiful 크러쉬(Crush)
3 내 눈에만 보여 십센치(10cm)


About Drama

  • Director : 塚原あゆ子 (Ayuko Tsukahara)
  • Country : 🇯🇵 Japan
  • Released date : 2018.01.12

Kenshi Yonezu's song LEMON is a music inserted as the theme song of Japanese drama Unnatural. Kensi Yonezu is one of the most popular singers in Japan. Unnatural is a very popular forensic investigation drama in Japan. LEMON, inserted as the theme song of this drama, has gained considerable popularity not only in Japan but also in the world. As of 2023, more than 800 million YouTube views.

4) Begin Again OST - Lost Stars

About Movie

  • Director : John Carney
  • Country : 🇮🇪 Ireland
  • Released date : 2014.06.29

Lost STARS is a music inserted into the movie Biggin Again's OST. Biggin Again is a film related to singer -songwriter and boyfriend who became a superstar. Key, who appeared in the pirates of Keribi, starred in Knightley. Lost STARS is a music that has an important meaning in the movie. It is a music that has been loved by people with excellent tone.

Begin Again OST

No Title Artist
1 Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home Keira knightley
2 Coming Up Roses Keira knightley
3 A step you can't take back Keira knightley

5) Hãy Nói Lời Yêu (Let's say I love you) OST - Nếu Một Ngày

About Drama

  • Director : Bùi Quốc Việt
  • Country : 🇻🇳 Vietnam
  • Released date : 2021.04.15

This song is inserted into the Vietnamese drama hãy nói lời yêu. HãY Nói Lời Yêu is a drama that deals with social criticism that shows a family -exemplary but not actually a family. This is a song with the sweet voice of Nguyễn NGọc ANH.

6) الهيبة(Al Hayba) OST - Majbour

About Drama

  • Director : Samer Al Barkawi
  • Country : 🇸🇾 Syria
  • Released date : 2017.05.27

This song is inserted into Lebanon's drama AL HAYBA. Al Hayba deals with the story of a family that controls smuggling paths between Lebanon and Syria. Nassif Zeytoun is a singer of Syria and a winner of the Reality TV show Star Academy. With excellent vocals, we provided music that matched the drama.

7) 暗格里的秘密 (Our Secret) OST - 浪漫味道

About Drama

  • Director : 张笑安
  • Country : 🇨🇳 China
  • Released date : 2021.08.10

This song is inserted into the Chinese drama 暗 的 的. 暗 的 的 is a teen drama that depicts a male student with a genius brain and a female student who went to the city to the city.

暗 的 st OST

No Title Artist
1 他爱的梦 郭静
2 一直一直一直,喜歡你 李鑫一
3 Long Day 陳雪燃

8) Critical Eleven OST - Sekali Lagi

About Drama

  • Director : Monty Tiwa, Robert Ronny
  • Country : 🇮🇩 Indonesia
  • Released date : 2017.05.10

This song is inserted into the drama Critical Eleven in Indonesia. CRITICAL ELEVEN is the most likely time for plane accidents to take place 8 minutes before the landing three minutes after takeoff. This is a drama compared to the entertainment of one couple. Time 8 minutes before the three minutes at the first meeting. Sekali Lagi is a soundtrack that goes well with these dramas.

Critical Eleven OST

No Title Artist
1 I Get to Love You Ruelle
2 Fight On Percy Falls
3 Our Time Percy Falls

9) นาคี (Nakee) Ost - คู่คอง

About Drama

  • Director : พงษ์พัฒน์ วชิรบรรจง
  • Country : 🇹🇭 Thailand
  • Released date : 2016.09.26

This song is inserted into the Thai drama น. น is one of the TV series based on the famous Thai novels. The story that started from the past 1000 years ago is a drama that deals with the myth that leads to the present. This is a story about a woman with supernatural power and a man who loved the woman.

น (NakeE) OST

No Title Artist
1 ขาดเธอขาดใจ นัท ชาติชาย
2 สายแนนหัวใจ ก้อง ห้วยไร่

10) 닥터 차정숙 (Doctor Cha) Ost - 숨

About Drama

  • Director : พงษ์พัฒน์ วชิรบรรจง
  • Country : 🇹🇭 Thailand
  • Released date : 2016.09.26

This song is the OST of Dr. Cha Jung -sook, which is now popular in Korea. The main character of the drama is a drama about events that occur when they quit their jobs after marriage and start their doctor again 20 years later. Jung Seung -hwan is also a singer who has been named OST of various Korean dramas such as Oh Hae -young and startup. Sweet voices make the drama more tender.

น (NakeE) OST

No Title Artist
1 홀로 로시
2 Shine Like a Star 손디아
3 이 밤이 지나면 박민혜
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