The best hip hop rappers to represent each country in the world


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CROWN J is a Korean rapper with a dirty South hip -hop. In 2022, he has not been active in Korea for a long time.

Hip -hop is one of the most famous genres in the world. Hip -hop is a culture and art, not only music but also fashion. Hip -hop began in the African Caribbean community in Bronx, New York, in the 1970s. Hip -hop features include a variety of musical techniques such as wrapping, dJs or drum machines, bits, sampling, and scratching. Currently, hip -hop genres are popular not only in the United States but also in the world. In this article, we will look at the hip -hop rappers in the world.

1) DOK2

DOK2 Information:

  • Nationality : 🇰🇷 Korea
  • Genre : Hip hop
  • Birthday : 1990.03.28
  • Check out more music from DOK2.
  • DOK2 is one of Korea's leading hip -hop rappers. Born in Seoul in 1990, DOK2 started his career at the hip -hop group 'All BLACK' from the age of 13. DOK2 has made an independent label called '1LLIONAIRE RECORDS' in 2006 to succeed. DOK2 has appeared as a producer of the most famous hip -hop tournament program 'Show Me the Money' through his excellent rap skills.

    Dok2's famous song

    No Title Artist
    2 On My Way DOK2
    3 공중도덕 DOK2
    DOK2 album
    Do It For The Fans(2011) Do It For The Fans(2011)
    Reborn(2017) Reborn(2017)

    2) ¥ellow Bucks

    ¥ Ellow Bucks Information:

    • Nationality : 🇯🇵 Japan
    • Genre : Hip hop
    • Birthday : 1996.08.05
  • Check out more music from ¥ Ellow Bucks.
  • ¥ ELLOW BUCKS starts as a rapper for the first time when he was 16 years old. The 'Young Busta' group will disband and start solo activities. In 2019, you will win the TV program 'ッ ッ ッ 誕 誕 生 ー ン ン' and win. Since the championship, ¥ Ellow Bucks has gained a lot of popularity.

    ¥ Ellow Bucks's famous song

    No Title Artist
    1 Yessir ¥ellow Bucks
    2 My Resort ¥ellow Bucks
    3 Balls Out ¥ellow Bucks
    ¥ Ellow Bucks album
    Aight(2020) Aight(2020)
    To The Top (2019) To The Top (2019)
    Ride 4 Life(2022) Ride 4 Life(2022)

    3) Lil Baby

    Lil Baby Information:

    • Nationality : 🇺🇸 USA
    • Genre : Hip hop
    • Birthday : 1994.12.03
  • Check out more music in Lil Baby.
  • Lil Baby started his career with 'Perfect Timing' in 2017. The album 'Harder Than Ever' released in 2018 has made Lil Baby a world -class hip -hop rapper. Representatives include 'YES Indeed' with Drake and 'Drip Too Hard' worked with Gunna. In particular, 'Yes Indeed' has gained numerous popularity by ranking sixth in Billboard Hot 100.

    Lil Baby's famous song

    No Title Artist
    1 In A Minute Lil Baby
    2 Sum 2 Prove Lil Baby
    3 We Paid Lil Baby
    Lil Baby's Album
    Harder Than Ever(2018) Harder Than Ever(2018)
    Street Gossip (2018) Street Gossip (2018)
    Too Hard(2018) Too Hard(2018)

    4) Badshah

    Badshah Information:

    • Nationality : 🇮🇳 India
    • Genre : Hip hop
    • Birthday : 1985.11.19
  • Check out more music from Badshah.
  • Badshah is one of the most famous singers in India. Badshah started his first career with the first underground rap group 'Mafia Mundeer'. Badshah began to gain great popularity, starting with the song 'Saturday Saturday' by the Bollywood movie 'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania'. Badshah has influenced the Indian music market through Jazi's unique music. Badshah is a rapper who has won numerous awards in India and is not only popular but also musically successful.

    Badshah's famous song

    No Title Artist
    1 Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai Badshah
    2 Paani Paani Badshah
    3 Garmi (From 'Street Dancer 3D') Badshah
    Badshah's album
    3:00 AM Sessions(2023) 3:00 AM Sessions(2023)
    ONE(Original Never Ends)(2018) ONE(Original Never Ends)(2018)
    The Power of Dreams of a Kid(2020) The Power of Dreams of a Kid(2020)

    5) L7NNON

    L7nnon information:

    • Nationality : 🇧🇷 Brazil
    • Genre : Hip hop
    • Birthday : 1994.03.30
  • Check out more music in L7NNON.
  • L7nnon is a famous Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. L7nnon began to gain popularity by releasing the album 'HIP HOP RARE'. L7NNON has excellent skills not only for music but also for skate boarding. L7NNON is Brazil's representative hip -hop rapper with excellent skateboarding skills and rap skills.

    L7NNON's famous song

    No Title Artist
    2 Perdição L7NNON
    3 Freio da Blazer L7NNON
    L7NNON's album
    Podium (2019) Podium (2019)
    DA BOCA (2021) DA BOCA (2021)
    Meus Planos (2018) Meus Planos (2018)

    6) GAZO

    L7nnon information:

    • Nationality : 🇫🇷 France
    • Genre : Hip hop
    • Birthday : 1994.08.05
  • Check out gazo's more music.
  • Gazo is a rapper from France. Gazo was in a difficult environment when he was young and was involved in many problems. Gazo joined the GANGSTER DISCIPLE NATION (GDN) at the age of 16 and began uploading music to YouTube with his friends. Gazo's music was noticeable by another rapper, GIMS, and worked together to release an album called 'Le Fléau'. GAZO, which started music properly, began to gain popularity as the song 'Haine & Sex' in the album 'Drill FR' released in 2021 took second place in the French single chart.

    Gazo's famous song

    No Title Artist
    2 Filtré GAZO
    3 DIE GAZO
    Gazo's album
    DRILL FR (2021) DRILL FR (2021)
    DA BOCA (2022) DA BOCA (2022)
    NO LÈCHE (2023) NO LÈCHE (2023)

    7) Rich Brian

    Rich Brian Information:

    • Nationality : 🇮🇩 Indonesia
    • Genre : Hip hop
    • Birthday : 1999.09.03
  • Check out more music from Rich Brian.
  • Rich Brian is a rapper from Indonesia. For the first time in 2016, I started my music career by releasing music in Soundcloud. Rich Brian began to gain popularity from his debut single, DAT $ Tick. Rich Brian has the ability to make the wrong music video the best music video with his excellent rap skills. Rich Brian's first studio album 'Amen' was released in 2018 and ranked 18th in the US Billboard 200.

    Rich Brian's famous song

    No Title Artist
    1 Dat $tick Rich Brian
    2 Midsummer Madness Rich Brian
    3 Glow Like Dat Rich Brian
    Rich Brian album
    The Sailor (2019) The Sailor (2019)
    Amen (2018) Amen (2018)
    Brightside (2022) Brightside (2022)

    8) Samara

    Samara Information:

    • Nationality : 🇹🇳 Tunisia
    • Genre : Hip hop
    • Birthday : 1995.10.16
  • Check out more music in Samara.
  • Samara is a hip -hop rapper from Tunisia. Samara has gained a lot of popularity through frank lyrics and excellent beats. Samara is a hip -hop rapper that is reborn as a hip -hop rapper that represents Tunisia.

    Samara's famous song

    No Title Artist
    1 Galbi Samara
    2 2 Frères Samara
    3 Minimum Samara
    Samara's Album
    2 Frères (2023) 2 Frères (2023)
    Amen (2022) Amen (2022)
    Sous tension (2022) Sous tension (2022)

    9) Cassper Nyovest

    Cassper Nyovest Information:

    • Nationality : 🇿🇦 South Africa
    • Genre : Hip hop
    • Birthday : 1990.12.16
  • Check out more music from Cassper Nyovest.
  • Cassper Nyovest is a hip -hop rapper from South Africa. Cassper Nyovest debuts in the music industry by creating his label 'Family Tree Records' in 2014. Cassper Nyovest's first album is 'Tsholofelo'. Cassper Nyovest has been doing various music activities before the official debut in 2014. Cassper Nyovest has been hip -hop crews with friends since the age of 13, showing affection for hip hop. Cassper Nyovest is one of the most successful musicians in South Africa.

    Cassper Nyovest's famous song

    No Title Artist
    1 Doc Shebeleza Cassper Nyovest
    2 Baby Girl Cassper Nyovest
    3 Phumakim Cassper Nyovest
    Cassper Nyovest's Album
    Sweet And Short (2018) Sweet And Short (2018)
    Thuto (2017) Thuto (2017)
    Tsholofelo (2015) Tsholofelo (2015)

    10) Big Gee

    Big Gee Information:

    • Nationality : 🇲🇳 Mongolia
    • Genre : Hip hop
    • Birthday : 1984
  • Check out more music in Big Gee.
  • Big Gee is one of Mongolia's leading hip -hop rappers. Big Gee first started music in 1998, and I was passionate about music. Big Gee loved to write poems at first. But I chose hip -hop music by listening to the music of hip -hop rappers like Dr.Dre and expressing myself. Big Gee is a rapper with excellent rap skills in Mongolia. In Korea, I have collaborated with famous Korean rappers such as Cho Kwang -il and Kunta.

    Big Gee's famous song

    No Title Artist
    1 Yaasan Big Gee
    2 Tuimer Big Gee
    3 Minii Ineed Hureed bna Big Gee
    Big Gee's album
    Street Dreams (2021) Street Dreams (2021)
    Zogsohgui (2019) Zogsohgui (2019)
    33 (2017) 33 (2017)

    As one of the world's most popular music genres, I was able to listen to excellent music. It was a good opportunity to listen to various hip -hop music in the world. In the hip -hop genre, we could know various styles of rappers.

    The best hip -hop music found in the world

    No Title Artist
    1 GAH YAH DOK2
    2 Money in the Bag ¥ellow Bucks
    3 Go Hard Lil Baby
    4 SANAK Badshah
    5 Metflix Remix L7NNON
    7 VIVID Rich Brian
    8 6G Samara
    9 Bana Ba Stout Cassper Nyovest
    10 Tuimer Big Gee
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